What we charge

Our costs and services are transparent, and some of the most competitive in the market.  We want to do business with you and we believe our knowledge and expertise will pay for itself.  All initial consultations are without cost.


Our typical fee is £295 – £495.  This fee is for the advice we provide and arranging the mortgage.  We will be paid commission by the lender for packaging the case.  Full details will be provided in a quote.

Investments & Pensions

New funds under management are charged at 2% of the investment.  Ongoing management costs 0.75% per annum of the fund value. For example, £10000 invested will incur an initial charge at £200 and ongoing advice cost of £75 per annum.  For initial charges on regular premium investments we use the following equation – monthly premium x  60 x 2%.  For example, £100 x 60 x 2% = £120.  There is a minimum fee of £750 per financial review.  All fees can be paid via the product or direct.  Full details will be provided in a quote.

Larger portfolios are by negotiation.

Please see our terms of business for further information.


Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 02920 231 857 or email: info@tdfinancial.co.uk